10 Flattering Layered Haircuts For Long Hair That Feel Instantly Refreshed

Plenty of flippy layers make it easier to achieve a salon-quality blowout at home since they provide quick volume and bounce when styled with a blowdryer.

Flippy Layers

Face-framing layers can be used with any hairstyle, not just short hair. Long locks simply allow for more layering.

Face-Framing Layers

If you don't want to commit to full bangs but want to add shorter layers, chin-length bangs will suffice.

Chin-Grazing Layers

The layers of this long hairstyle begin at the top with curtains of hair and continue to frame the face to the ends.

Face-Framing Layers with Curtain Bangs

Long layers complement a center portion wonderfully. Curling when style allows the layers to really show.

Simple Long Layers with A Middle Part

Blunt bangs and lengthy layers are a great mix for a low-maintenance, yet not dull, style.

Blunt Bangs with Long Layers

Consider this haircut the finest of both short and long hair. The shaggy layers provide rapid volume while maintaining a neat and professional appearance.

Shaggy Layers

Using a slight caramel hair color helps each curl to catch the light. Ask for layers to enhance the look.

Curly Hair with Balayage Layers

These face-framing layers flow nicely into long hair, creating a smooth cut that complements a longer mane.

Long Hair with Soft End Layers

For those who still want a beautiful side part, layers can add volume and keep hair from falling flat.

Side-Swept Layers