10 Foods You Think Are Healthy But Nutritionists Say Are Not

Most multi-grain breads start with unbleached enriched wheat flour, making them less nutritious. Choose whole wheat breads.

Multi-Grain Bread

Flatbreads, lavash, and tortillas have more calories than sandwich bread due to their density and lack of air. Wraps with romaine lettuce or whole-wheat sandwiches are choices.


Not all yogurts are healthy, especially frozen yogurts and flavored varieties which are high in sugar. Choose plain low-fat Greek yogurt and add fresh fruit for flavor.


Many energy bars are similar to candy bars in sugar, calorie, and fat content. Select bars with simple, recognizable ingredients like nuts, seeds, and a bit of honey.

Energy Bars

Packaged crunchy snacks like veggie straws and sweet potato chips are often calorie-dense and low in nutrition. Instead, snack on raw vegetables with hummus or peanut butter.

Crunchy Snacks

Dried fruits are calorie-dense and often lack water-soluble nutrients, making it easy to overeat. Opt for whole fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, and pears.

Dried Fruit

Plant-based milks do not have the same nutrient mix as cow's milk and can be high in fat and sugar. Unless necessary due to allergy or taste aversion, stick to cow s milk.

Plant-Based Milks

Granola products often contain added sweeteners and oils, making them high in fat and sugar. Choose granola with minimal added sweeteners and oils.


Marathon runners and those who workout more than two hours a day may need sports drinks for electrolytes. Sports drinks are unneeded for most Americans and add sugar to a high-calorie diet.

Sports drinks

Drink water to hydrate instead of caffeinated drinks. You'll not only avoid an unneeded financial hit, but you'll also be able to slake your thirst in a healthy way.

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