10 Thrift Store Finds That Are Actually Worth a Lot of Money

Sterling Silver

Look for intricate details and designer names like Tiffany & Co. Ensure authenticity with a "925" or "SS" marking for genuine sterling silver finds that retain their shining beauty with simple polishing.


Seek out leftover yards from high-end fabric houses like Scalamandré and Schumacher for custom pillows or upholstery projects, ensuring quality and uniqueness in every piece.

Coffee Table Books

Scout for themed books on photography, interior design, and travel; their colorful spines can add character and style to any living space, making them both decorative and informative.

Vintage Sporting Goods

Collect items like tennis rackets and vintage bathing suits for quirky decor pieces that evoke nostalgia and add a unique touch to any room or outdoor space.


Known for its vibrant hues and collectible nature, Fiestaware dinnerware features a distinctive dating code on the back, making it a colorful and valuable addition to any table setting or display.


Marble or lacquered pedestals are versatile decor elements ideal as plant stands or to showcase sculptures, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional use in home decor.


Elegant brass or marble bookends in modern designs add sophistication to bookshelves while being affordable thrift store finds that elevate the look of any reading nook or office space.


Collectible pottery in classic dark blues or modern colors, often from renowned makers like Roseville Pottery Company, perfect for both display and functional use in kitchen decor.


Hand-stitched quilts with Americana motifs like school house or baskets are cherished pieces of craftsmanship, whether displayed as artwork or professionally framed to preserve their historical.

Vintage Jewelry

Look for timeless pieces such as brooches, necklaces, and bracelets made from materials like gold, silver, or gemstones. These can add elegance and vintage charm to any outfit or display.