10 Trendy Long Haircuts: Popular Gorgeous Hairstyles for Long Hair

Butterfly Haircut for Long Hair

This trending style with feathery layers is perfect for thick hair, adding volume and texture; embrace natural waves with volume spray or use a curling wand.

Layered Haircut for Long Wavy Hair

Ideal for curly or wavy hair, this chic style enhances natural texture and movement; air dry or use curl mousse or cream for definition.

Lightly Layered Long Haircut

A low-maintenance V-shaped style for straight or slightly wavy hair, adding subtle dimension and volume; use a vented brush and hair dryer for volume or create heatless waves.

Classic Layered Haircut for Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

Timeless and elegant, suitable for straight or slightly wavy hair; use a round brush for styling curtain bangs and finish with medium-hold hair spray for a polished look.

Long Layered Haircut with Shaggy Bangs

Perfect for a rebellious look, suits straight and wavy hair; maintain bangs with regular trims and style with texturizing volume powder.

Long Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Versatile and low-maintenance, frames the face beautifully; style with a round brush and hairdryer or flat iron for the iconic "curtain" effect.

Long Curly Hairstyle with Bangs

Ideal for naturally curly hair, adding flair and embracing natural texture; use curl-enhancing products and air dry for an effortless look.

Blunt Hairstyle for Thin Long Hair

Adds weight and thickness with a straight or slight U-shape cut; blow-dry roots upside down and use volume powder for body and texture.

Haircut for Fine Long Hair with Face Framing

Face-framing layers add depth and dimension, making fine hair look fuller; enhance with sea salt spray for a dynamic look.

Hairstyle for Fine Long Hair with Wispy Bangs

Complements fine hair with light, wispy bangs that add structure and draw attention to the eyes; avoid heavy bangs for very thin hair.