2024 NBA Offseason: Every free agency deal, extension & trade for all 30 teams

Several high-profile players signed new deals or changed teams this offseason. Notable signings include. Young talents like [Player Name] secured significant contracts.

Free Agency Deals

Several key players received contract extensions to stay with their current teams, ensuring continuity.Teams made long-term investments in their star players.

Contract Extensions

The offseason saw several major trades that reshaped the league’s landscape. Teams made strategic moves to improve their rosters.

Major Trade

Significant offseason moves and their potential impact. Overview of the team’s strategy and key acquisitions.Key signings, extensions, and trades.

Team-by-Team Offseason

Analysis of trends in the 2024 free agency market, including the rise of certain player archetypes and strategic team moves.

Free Agency Trends

Players who are expected to make a significant impact in the 2024 season.New signings who could change the course of their teams’ seasons.

Key Players to Watch in 2024 Season

Teams and players who benefited most from the offseason’s transactions.Teams or players whose offseason moves did not pan out as expected.

Notable Offseason Moves