7 Best Radish Recipes That Make the Most of This Crunchy Veggie

This quick sheet-pan recipe uses Easter Egg radishes twice: After roasting with shallots, their edible tips are perfectly crisped. This gut-healthy dish uses umami-rich miso and apple cider vinegar.

Miso-Roasted Radishes

This colorful salad tastes as good as it looks. Peel and chop a grapefruit and serve it with sliced beets and various radishes for a spicy, somewhat sweet salad.

Grapefruit, Beet, and Radish Salad

While radishes aren't always the star of a dish, they certainly shine here. This meat-free take on chicharrónes uses the root vegetable instead of pork skin.

Radish Chicharrones

Even if you don't like salad, this bright dish is irresistible. The dish has crispy roasted chickpeas, toasted pita bread croutons, and many crunchy toppings.

Lemony Chopped Salad With Pita

In order to create this vibrant radish salad, we really like using a combination of wild, black, breakfast, French, Easter, and watermelon radishes.

Radishes With Ricotta Salata and Seeds

This quick pasta salad recipe uses casarecce, a coiled pasta that holds the sauce, plus spicy radishes and crunchy sugar snap peas.

Spring Pasta Salad

Korean Bo Ssam, which uses delicate pork shoulder, a variety of toppings, and lettuce leaves to bundle everything up, inspired this recipe. This 12-person option includes a whole hog roast

Korean-Style Lettuce Wraps