7 Common Dairy Cow Breeds In The US


Of all the dairy breeds, the Holstein is the most well-liked. They are the animal with the largest milk production, which explains why.


It is highly recognised for its friendly nature, lesser maintenance requirements due to its lower bodyweight, and high butterfat content in its milk.


The Guernsey breed is white with orange or red markings. They are well-known for their hardiness, submissive nature, and rich milk taste.


The southwest Scottish region of Ayrshire is home to the Ayrshire breed. Typically, they weigh between 450 and 600 kg.

Brown Swiss

North America is where the Brown Swiss breed originated. It comes from the Braunvieh in the Alps.

Milking Shorthorns

A breed of dairy cattle that originated in Great Britain is known as the Milking Shorthorn, often called the Dairy Shorthorn.

Dutch Belted

The identifiable feature of a Dutch belted cow is its broad white "belt" around the centre part of the animal.