7 new flight rules you should know

Greet your seat buddy

Etiquette expert Anna Musson suggests that you defuse tensions at the beginning of a flight by saying something nice to your seat neighbor or the airline staff.

Use sanitiser

According to Musson, "a considerate individual will sanitize their space and offer a wipe to each neighbor—it just helps set a pleasant tone for the flight."

Don't recline your seat

According to Musson, there has never been a good reason to recline a seat on a domestic flight, and it is much more crucial to keep in mind that people should now prioritize having space.

Don't hog the armrests

According to Musson, "the etiquette regarding the armrest battle is to pick one, left or right, but never both."

Wear your mask properly

There have been hundreds of occasions in 2021 where passengers have behaved badly, usually in response to requests to wear masks.

Behave yourself

CEO of Jetstar Group Gareth Evans states, "There is no place for disruptive behavior and we will act quickly to stop unruliness to ensure everyone remains safe."

Be patient

According to social researcher Claire Madden, it's more crucial than ever to remember the fundamentals of COVID-19 safety in cramped spaces.