7 Short Haircut and Hairstyle Ideas For Women

Buzz Cut

Better than ever, the buzz cut is making a comeback. It is not only incredibly little maintenance, but it's also an excellent method of resetting broken strands. Every few weeks, buzz your hair yourself (or hire a hairdresser) and treat your scalp with moisturizing products to maintain it healthy.

Small and Strong Afro

Hair queen who frequently changes up her look. Here, she exudes simplicity and elegance in a wash-and-go look that accentuates her best attributes.

Super Short Pixie

If you don't want to style your hair at all, a really short pixie cut is a perfect option. It gives off the ideal, carefree bedhead appearance and is quite easy to style. The ideal hairstyle for getting out of bed and going about is the really short pixie cut.  

Short Pixie

For those who desire a dramatic transformation with less style strain, a short pixie cut is ideal. It's excellent for always emphasizing a person's facial bone structure, particularly if your face is broader.

The Basic Pixie

With all the hair trimmed to roughly the same length between one and two inches and fashioned in the direction of hair growth, the basic pixie cut is essentially the easiest to style.

Textured Pixie Cut

Curly or wavy textured pixie cuts are a terrific way to embrace your natural texture with little to no grooming required. For more height, wear it slicked back or use a volumizing product and blow dry with a blow dryer.

The Surfer Crop/Undercut

The undercut, whether worn professionally or casually, is just a very short haircut (sometimes buzzed!) on the back and sides with a few inches of length on top. It's seductive, edgy, and incredibly self-assured.