7 Tricks to Make Zinnias Bushier and Flowerful

Give Them Plenty of Sun

Bright, direct sunshine is ideal for Zinnias. Exactly! Thus, let them in the light for a long period to promote greater development and blooming. The ideal time to store them in direct sunlight is between six and eight hours.

Prune, But Selectively

Therefore, avoid removing the extra growth.  Select the fading and dead branches that seem weak or are developing in strange ways. We promise that Zinnia will grow more hair as a consequence!

Get Rid of the Initial Buds

Since the plant needs more energy to stem in its early stages, cutting off the first few buds will help the plant save that energy for when it comes time to stem out and produce more buds in the future

Bloom Boosting Fertilizer

Avoid specially formulated Zinnia fertilizers. Glorified and inadequate. These bloom-boosting fertilizers can help your Zinnia produce more blooms after one or two sprays.

Just Enough Water

Zinnias require little water but don't like drought. Balance your approach. After extensively watering, let them dry off before watering again. Remember to check the topsoil for dryness before watering again.

Space the Zinnias Out

If you re growing these in pots, space them 6-8 inches apart, but if you re growing them in a raised bed or a flower bed, space them 6-10 inches. A foot is even better for bigger Zinnia varieties.

Zinnias Bushier and Flowerful

There s no one-size-fits-all thing when it comes to flowers, but there is one trick that can help you get bushier and more flowerful Zinnias. Well, it s a combination of two tricks!