7 Workout Tips for Women Over 30

Strength Training Benefits for Women:

Despite concerns, research shows strength training improves strength and balance in women with osteoporosis, reducing fracture risks.

Starting Strength Training:

Beginners or those returning to strength training should begin with body weight or light dumbbells to ease into the routine.

Spacing Out Workouts:

To prevent injury, it's essential to space out strength workouts, aiming for two sessions per muscle group per week with two days of recovery in between.

Finding Enjoyable Exercise:

Consistency in fitness is crucial, so find activities you genuinely enjoy and can maintain regularly to stay motivated.

Mixing Up Workouts:

To prevent boredom and plateaus, vary your workouts every few weeks by increasing intensity gradually and paying attention to form.

Water Workouts:

High-intensity water workouts offer support and resistance, benefiting bone density and functional fitness, especially for postmenopausal women.

Stress Reduction with Yoga

Yoga can help reduce stress, lower heart rates, and blood pressure, benefiting heart health and overall well-being.