8 best anime shows on Netflix in 2024

T.P Bon (Season 1)

The famous book by Fujiko Fujio is being turned into a movie for the first time in thirty years. It's about a high school student named Bon who can go back in time and stop events from happening in order to save lives.

Blood of Zeus (Season 2)

Three and a half years ago, the first season of Blood of Zeus came out. Its sequel continues Heron's journey to save Olympus and Earth and live up to Zeus's standards at the same time.

Ultraman Rising

Ultraman is a very well-known figure in Japan. In this full-length movie, Ken Sato, a famous baseball player, gets the superhero's skills and can change sizes. One trouble is that he has to take care of his worst enemy's kaiju child.

Rising Impact (Part 1 & Part 2)

Rising Impact is what happens when you mix the story of King Arthur with golf. It is based on the popular novel from 1998 of the same name. There are lots of nods to English legends and the Knights of the Round Table in this sports cartoon.

Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance (Season 1)

There is a new version of Gundam that takes place during the One-Year War, which adds to the show's popularity. It comes after Iria Sorari's efforts to protect the European front.

Beastars (Season 4)

After this year, Netflix will have the fourth and final season of this "whodunit" cartoon. It looks at the conflict between plant-eaters and meat-eaters at Cherryton Academy, where a student was killed brutally.

Moonrise (Season 1)

Most of the figures in this highly expected sci-fi cartoon were drawn by Hiromu Arakawa, who also made Full Metal Alchemist. In the future, those who break the law are sent to live on the moon as a punishment.

Kengan Ashura (Season 2 – Part 2)

The world of Kengan Ashura is full of gladiator fights. In this place, wealthy people hire gladiators to fight without weapons, in what are called "Kengan" matches. The adventures of Ohma Tokita continue in Season 2.