8 Best Blue Wild Flower Plants


Bluebells are bulbous perennials with exquisite bell-shaped blooms. Late spring blooms of beautiful blue-violet flowers.

Bachelor s Button

Bachelor s Buttons are blue wildflowers with many blue hues. They thrive in cottage gardens and grass borders at 3 feet tall.

Blue Flax

The wild Blue Flax flower is native to Eurasia and North Africa but readily available in the US. Its sky-blue, yellow-centered blooms attract pollinators and butterflies.


Lobelias work too! Their lengthy blooming season and trailing habit make them ideal for hanging baskets, pots, and windows.


This little blue wildflower blooms in spring and summer and is easy to care for. Give it moderate shade and water well.

Meadow Cranesbill

Meadow cranesbill features saucer-shaped pale blue wildflowers. These blooms' golden veins and violet stamens enhance their brilliance.

Virginia Bluebell

VA Bluebells bloom in early spring and need shade and moisture. Give them this and they'll produce bell-shaped blooms that droop.

Blue Eyed Grass

The perennial blue-eyed grass has tiny, star-shaped blooms. The bright blue-lavender blooms feature golden centers. East Coast North American open woodlands are full with it.