8 Best Evergreen Shrubs for Your Backyard Garden or Outdoor Patio

Japanese Holly:

Known for its small, rounded leaves, Japanese holly comes in various forms and is ideal for potting near doorways to enhance curb appeal.

Dwarf Pine:

These trees are perfect for small landscapes due to their slow growth rate, requiring minimal care once planted in backyard settings.

Globe Arborvitae:

An evergreen with a round shape, available in different sizes ranging from a few feet tall to about five feet, making them versatile for various landscape designs.


Boxwoods are versatile with a classic appearance, providing year-round foliage that adds color, particularly attractive against snowy winter backgrounds.

Japanese Pieris:

Also known as lily-of-the-valley shrub, Japanese Pieris features beautiful bell-shaped flowers that bloom from late winter to early spring, thriving in acidic soil conditions.

Creeping Juniper:

This low-growing evergreen, also called creeping cedar, serves well as ground cover in flower borders or as foundation plants due to its spreading nature.


A flowering shrub renowned for its elegant blooms, Camellias prefer partial shade when young but can tolerate more sun as they mature.

Blue Holly:

These bushes are notable for their Christmas-themed appearance, with berries forming when both male and female plants are present in the vicinity.