8 Best Tricks for Never Ending Zinnia Blooms in Your Garden

1. Grow High-Quality Seeds

A wonderful Zinnia blossom starts with the seeds you chose. You should get high-quality ones from a recognized nursery or online.Queen Lime Zinnia elegans Benary's Giant Zinnia Zinnia Profusion, Zowie! Yellow Flame, Zinnia elegans and Zinnia Thumbelina are great choices!

2. Water From the Base

You know that plants need the right watering area to thrive. To get there with zinnias? Simply water the roots at the base without spilling it on the foliage.

3. As Much Sun as Possible

The key to endless blooming in Zinnias and other plants is sun. Zinnias flourish in 6-8 hours of direct sunshine everyday, thus the brighter the place, the brighter they will be.

4. Pinching When Young

Here's a quick tip to help it reach its greatest potential. Squeezing! It's okay to carefully pinch off the very tip of the growing stem on your young Zinnia blossoms.

5. Keep the Soil Evenly Moist

Keep water wet throughout. Recreate a lovely summer rain. The plant stops flowering if the soil dries up. You may need to water them more in hot or dry weather and less in cold weather.

6. Deadheading Is a Must

To have endless Zinnia blossoms in your yard, don't allow wasted flowers take over. They drain all the plant's energy, therefore you must remove them and replace them.

7. Apply Fertilizer Rich in Phosphorus

You're probably loving your Zinnias with the previous instructions, but we have more. As the blooms grow and hit their peak flowering period, fertilize with phosphorus.

8. Use Fish Emulsion and Bone Meal

Why not organic fish emulsion or bone meal? Fish emulsion is high in nitrogen, which promotes healthy foliage, while bone meal is high in phosphorus and calcium, which strengthen roots and yield blooms. Is that your goal?