8 Bold And Trendy Short Hair Ideas For 2024

The classic blunt bob, cut at the jawline or just grazing the shoulders, offers a chic, timeless look that's always on-trend and easy to manage.

Classic Bob

The quintessential pixie cut is a bold choice, often leading to the realization that short hair can be more stylish and freeing than long locks.

Classic Pixie

A lob, or long bob, provides a versatile, medium-length option for those not ready to commit to super short hair, balancing style and ease.

Classic Lob

The bixie combines the cropped elegance of a pixie with the layers and length of a bob, adding volume and texture with the right mousse.

Voluminous Bixie

Curly-haired individuals can rock a lob by using curl-defining products to enhance and maintain the beauty of their natural ringlets.

Short Curly Lob

The textured shaggy lob, achieved with a razor cut, delivers a stylish, effortless look with a tousled, chic bed head effect.

Shaggy Lob

An asymmetrical shave on one side adds an edgy twist to any hairstyle, offering a dramatic change while keeping ample hair for styling.

Asymmetrical Shaved Side

Blunt or side-swept bangs freshen up short hairstyles, with options to slick them back for variety, using styling gel and firm hold spray.

Blunt Bangs