8 Common Gardening Mistakes You Should Avoid

Plan for mature plant sizes to avoid overcrowding and the need for future replanting, ensuring each plant has ample space to thrive.

Crowded Beds:

Maintain crisp bed lines to create a clean and intentional look in your landscape, avoiding the unkempt appearance of uneven or meandering borders.

Undefined Edges:

Regular pruning of plants and trees not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also promotes their health and longevity, contributing to a well-maintained garden.

Untrimmed Greenery:

Refresh container plantings seasonally with vibrant selections to keep your outdoor spaces inviting and visually appealing throughout the changing seasons.

Tired Containers:

Limiting the variety of container materials creates visual harmony, ensuring that your garden decor complements rather than competes with the natural beauty of your plants.

A Hodgepodge of Materials:

Selecting plants proportionate to your home's scale prevents them from overwhelming the landscape, maintaining a harmonious balance between architecture.

Oversize Plantings:

Properly preparing the subgrade beneath gravel surfaces prevents uneven settling and enhances the usability of paths and terraces, ensuring a stable.

Loose Gravel:

Clients often falter in watering routines post-installation, assuming sporadic rainfall suffices, risking plant health, especially in sunny spots. Regular watering during warm weather is critical to sustain new plants

Consistent Watering: