8 Creative Sweet Potato Recipes for Morning, Noon and Night

Sliced sweet potatoes roasted with a buttery herb-garlic blend, topped with toasted nuts for added sweetness and crunch, make a perfect, flavorful side dish.

Skillet Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

This creamy sweet potato casserole, with a surprising hint of orange juice, is a quick and refreshing twist on a Thanksgiving favorite.

Creamy Sweet Potatoes

Deep-dish sweet potato pie, infused with comforting flavors of pecan and pumpkin pie spice, offers a timeless dessert that’s perfect for any occasion.

Classic Sweet Potato Pie

Spicy sweet potato fritters, enhanced with harissa chili paste and served with a creamy harissa mayo dipping sauce, bring a flavorful kick to any meal.

Harissa Sweet Potato Fritters

A quick, nutritious dish that transforms Thanksgiving leftovers into a savory meal with sweet potatoes, turkey, and a refreshing hint of citrus from orange zest.

Sweet Potato and Turkey Couscous

Ground turkey and sweet potatoes come together in this light yet hearty chili, where the sweetness of the potatoes and the spice blend perfectly.

Sweet Potato Chili with Turkey

Sweet potato dumplings drizzled with caramel sauce make a delightful and unique option for breakfast or dessert, pairing beautifully with bacon and eggs.

Sweet Potato Dumplings with Caramel Sauce

A hearty and filling chili combining tender chicken and naturally sweet, creamy sweet potatoes, perfect to enjoy on its own or spooned over rice.

Chicken and Sweet Potato Chili