8 Exercises That Do More Harm Than Good


Although the workout is really beneficial for your lower body, the method in which you perform it can be hazardous. You put your lower back and knees at risk when you squat too low


One another leg workout that puts you at risk for hip, knee, and lower back problems. You run the danger of suffering severe pain if you bend forward too quickly and your knee crosses your toe.

Thigh Abduction and Adduction

That device that cleaves your legs open, you know? The one where you spread your legs apart or press them together? Hip muscles designed to be stabilizers rather than prime movers


Strangely enough, the most well-known stomach workout is also one of the least beneficial ones and can cause problems. If you pull too hard with your hands behind your head, it might really cause strain on your neck.

Leg Extensions

This exercise isolates the quads in an odd way and has a somewhat weird movement. Due to the intense strain this activity puts on the knees, injuries are practically a given.

 Upright Row

This is a terrific workout for the shoulders and chest, but there is a considerable danger of damage. For both men and women, you should ideally only increase the weight to the level of your nipples.

Jump Squat

This is an exercise program that will result in injuries unless you're a genuine heavyweight in the gym. There is an excessive amount of force needed, too many joints are engaged

Behind Neck Lat Pulldown

Although the Wide Grip Pulldown is fantastic for strengthening your lats, resist the urge to pull the bar behind your neck. To execute it securely, you require complete control