8 Garden Lighting Ideas to Make Your Plants Shine

Globe Lights

Enhance your garden's ambiance with globe-shaped lights, ideal for gravel gardens or xeriscape landscapes. These spherical lights add visual interest and can be strategically placed to illuminate top-tier garden areas.

Retaining Wall Lights

Illuminate garden retaining walls with puck lights to prevent erosion and create a multi-tiered garden atmosphere. These lights guide visitors safely through the garden at night while showcasing blooming plants.

String Lights for Trees

Transform garden trees into stunning features with string lights that outline their shapes and cast a gentle glow below. Use soft white lights for year-round illumination and consider solar-powered.

Contemporary Landscape Lighting

Create a welcoming glow in your front garden with softly lit landscaping around stone walls and potted plant-lined walkways, enhancing the aesthetic of a contemporary home.

Backyard Garden Lighting

Light up a sunken backyard with softly illuminated retaining walls and greenery, making the space usable and inviting even after sunset.

Lantern Lighting

Install lanterns along hedges or behind bushes to provide soft, classic lighting within your garden. Choose from solar or battery-operated options for easy installation and maintenance.

Arborvitae Illumination

Highlight arborvitae trees used as privacy fences with upward spotlights that accentuate their shape and define garden borders effectively at night.

Small Front Garden Lighting

Enhance the warmth and welcoming feel of a small front garden with warm lighting that runs through hedges, steps, and plantings, creating an inviting atmosphere after sunset.