8 simple dumbbell exercises to tone the triceps

Tricep Pushup with Dumbbell

Begin in a plank position with hands on a dumbbell, ensuring wrists are under shoulders. Lower into a pushup, keeping elbows close to your sides.

Alternate Arm Row into Kickback

Start on all fours with dumbbells beside hands. Row one dumbbell towards hip, then extend back into a kickback. 

Tricep Dip with Dumbbell

Sit with knees bent, dumbbell on lap. Place hands behind you, fingers facing body, and lift hips. Bend elbows to dip, then extend to lift back up.

Tricep Kickbacks

Stand with knees bent, hinge at hips, and hold dumbbells. Pull elbows up into a row, then extend arms back for kickbacks.

Alternating Tricep Kickbacks

Similar to tricep kickbacks but alternate arms. Helps maintain symmetry and balance in tricep development.

Renegade Rows

Begin in plank position with dumbbells. Row one dumbbell towards chest, keeping hips stable. 

Plank Tricep Kickbacks

In plank position, grab dumbbell and perform kickbacks while stabilizing core. Enhances arm strength and core stability.

Pulsing Arm Kickbacks

Stand upright, dumbbells in hands, and pulse arms back to engage triceps. A dynamic movement for muscle endurance.