8 Simple Short Nail Art Designs For Short Nail At Home

Nude Nuance

This nail design for short nails is perfect for those who stick to neutral colors but want to add a fun design. Keeping your base beige, it breaks the monotony with dots near the nail bed, making it a great manicure for the working woman who likes to keep things professional

Botanical Nails

This nail art uses botanical prints on the ring and middle fingers. You can opt for a brighter green on one hand and a neutral nude on the other, creating a refreshing, earthy vibe that's perfect for nature lovers.

Ninja Nails

Inspired by the ninja turtles, this design swaps out the traditional green for white. The brush-textured manicure looks really good on short nails, providing a sleek and stylish look.

Japanese Art

This manicure is great for those who want to get creative without going overboard. Using fine lines, circles, and dots, it’ll remind you of a Japanese painting, adding a touch of artistry to your nails.

Gold For The Gold

Where blue marble nails meet a hint of gold, this manicure works well for both short and long nails. The gold foil adds a nice glam touch to this simple yet elegant design.

Connect The Dots

A spot here, a spot there – this colorful combination of different bright hues gives a whimsical play to a simple manicure, perfect for adding a fun and playful touch to your nails.

Glitter Me Pretty

Where glitter meets abstract, this nail design for short nails screams shimmer with a bit of elegance. You can switch up the colors and opt for deeper hues like red or pink for a fun, whimsical touch.

French Tip Twist

Even if you’ve got short nails, it shouldn’t stop you from a pretty French manicure. Add some glitter to the area above the cuticle to give this classic look a contemporary twist.