8 Small Balcony Ideas For Apartment Living

Affordable Decking

Transform a typical concrete balcony floor by installing interlocking deck tiles, which are easy to snap together and remove, making them ideal for renters.

Hang Some Fabric

Add a solid privacy screen with a simple cloth draped over it, providing extra privacy from wind, sun, and prying eyes without high costs.

Channel Palm Beach Style

Revamp a tiny outdoor space with pinstripe curtains, a reflective brass table, and black chairs, creating a stunning and stylish balcony.

Accent With Plants

Use hanging plant boxes, small potted plants, and a stylish hanging structure to showcase greenery and enhance balcony space.

Add a Planter Wall

Feature a planter wall with vibrant florals, wicker furniture, and green astroturf, creating a decorative and relaxing retreat.

Erect a Privacy Screen

Add a half-privacy screen made of bamboo strands to maintain a view while providing privacy and a cozy relaxation spot.

Add Style and Function

Use plant stands of varying heights to display different plants, adding both style and functionality to the balcony.

Channel Parisian Style

Turn a narrow balcony into a Parisian-style space with alternating deck tiles and a vintage dining set, enhancing the aesthetics.