8 Stunning Hanging Balcony Flowers


Bogonias are hard to dislike. These blooms are perfect for balcony gardens, and the foliage is heart-shaped without flowers.


Most people call these blooms mums, and gardeners love them. Moms grow practically anywhere, although season varies.


Containerized dianthus is essential for balcony gardens. These flowers come in pink, salmon, red, and white and have a wonderful, subtle aroma.


Fuchsias vary in color, shape, and size. Flower colors include pink, white, purple, orange, and red. 


Gardeners can choose from several annual and perennial geranium cultivars. They all smell good and need lots of sunlight and water. 


Hydrangeas are gorgeous spherical blooms. Compact plants are ideal for balcony gardening. These flowers are popular with gardeners because they make lovely bouquets and kitchen centerpieces.


A lot of shadow on your balcony garden is challenging since few plants grow in shade, although impatiens do. Plant impatiens on a shady balcony or patio.


Blue, white, and pink lobelias are dense, gorgeous flowers. Small balcony gardens benefit from these low-maintenance plants.