8 Surprising Predators of Hummingbirds

Praying mantises are stealthy and efficient predators, known for their ability to ambush unsuspecting prey. They often position themselves near hummingbird feeders or flowers, waiting patiently for an opportune moment.

Praying Mantises

Large orb-weaver spiders can pose a significant threat to hummingbirds. These spiders spin expansive webs that can ensnare the tiny birds. Once trapped, hummingbirds often struggle to free themselves, becoming exhausted and vulnerable.


Tree frogs, though not typically associated with hunting birds, can be a danger to hummingbirds. Some species of tree frogs are known to leap from their perches to catch hummingbirds in mid-air. Their surprising agility and opportunistic hunting behavior make them a unique predator


Certain snake species are adept at climbing and can reach hummingbird nests located in trees or shrubs. These snakes may consume the eggs, nestlings, or even adult hummingbirds. Their ability to blend into the foliage and their patient hunting strategies make them a stealthy threat to hummingbirds.


Predatory birds such as hawks, crows, and blue jays can be a danger to hummingbirds. These larger birds may prey on hummingbirds directly or target their nests for eggs and young birds. The speed and agility of hummingbirds are often their best defense, but they can still fall victim to these avian predators.

Larger Birds

Both domestic and feral cats are notorious hunters of small birds, including hummingbirds. Cats have keen hunting instincts and can silently stalk their prey. They often wait near hummingbird feeders or flowers, pouncing with remarkable speed and precision


In tropical regions, larger lizard species can become unexpected predators of hummingbirds. These lizards may hunt hummingbirds by waiting on branches or near feeding spots. Their ability to remain motionless and their quick strike capability can catch hummingbirds off guard


While ants might seem an unlikely predator, certain aggressive species such as fire ants can pose a significant threat to hummingbirds. These ants can invade nests, preying on eggs and nestlings. Their large numbers and painful stings make it difficult for hummingbirds to defend their young, leading to tragic losses.