8 Things Interior Designers Always Buy on Amazon

Handcrafted from natural water hyacinth, Ariel Okin recommends these for both their eco-friendly craftsmanship and versatile storage capabilities in various sizes and shapes.

Wicker Baskets:

Bria Hammel lauds Amazon's range of affordable home decor items, from elegant candlesticks to intricately designed vases, perfect for adding the final touch to any space.

Decorative Accessories:

Devon Wegman adorns dining tables with Amazon's delicate bud vases, ideal for showcasing seasonal flowers and adding subtle texture to any setting.

Bud Vases:

Isabel Ladd transforms bathrooms with Amazon's extended shower curtain liners, creating a luxurious and theatrical ambiance by hanging them close to the ceiling.

Extra-Long Shower Curtain Liners:

Victoria Holly selects Amazon's playful blockprint cocktail napkins, not only stylish for entertaining but also sustainable with their washable and reusable qualities.

Cocktail Napkins:

Mehnaz Khan recommends Society Social's peel-and-stick faux grasscloth wallpaper from Amazon, offering a cost-effective way to introduce depth and color to walls, ceilings.

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper:

Victoria Holly uses Amazon's faux Spanish moss creatively, cascading it down planters and shelves indoors and outdoors, enhancing spaces with a natural and organic look.

Faux Spanish Moss:

Francesca Grace finds Amazon's selection of SMEG appliances not only functional but also decorative, adding a retro-chic and vibrant touch to kitchen countertops and spaces.

Colorful SMEG Appliances: