8 Things You Do to Your Pets That They Hate

There are several blogs describing why you shouldn't hug your dog. Hugging your dog may feel good, but most dogs don't like it. 


Unless your dog is used to dressing up, he may despise clothes and accessories. Many dogs dislike elaborate dog costumes, even though they're cute. 

Dressing Them Up

Dog walks are more than exercise. A dog walk is an adventure. It stimulates their senses with scents and images. 

Not Letting Your Dog Sniff and Explore During Walks

Pets appreciate attention from their fur parents, but they don't like large smooches on their forehead or nose. You may see dogs lean away as you approach their face.


Dogs despise owners who pat their heads, even if it shows affection. Your dog may tolerate such behavior because they trust you. 

Patting Their Head

Feed or walk them at the same time every day to establish a habit. Structured dog routines and norms help predict their reality.

Lack of Routine and Rules

Yelling or punishing your dog is never good. Dogs may not understand you, but they can sense your emotions.

Yelling and Harsh Punishment

Dogs dislike being alone. Leaving them home alone all day can stress them out. Just a few moments without you can make them apprehensive. 

Being Left on Their Own