9 '90s Bob Ideas That Ooze Cool and Ease

The Bixie

The bixie is a hybrid of a bob and a pixie cut, offering the best of both worlds. Popularized by Winona Ryder, this style combines a bob's length around the face with a pixie's short.

The Blunt Bob

The blunt bob became iconic in the '90s thanks to supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista. 

The Bubble Bob

The bubble bob is characterized by its voluminous, tucked-under ends. Originally popularized by actresses like Nia Long

The Cropped Bob

Cropped bobs, reminiscent of Cameron Diaz's late '90s style, have made a significant comeback. This chin-length cut is all about an effortless

The Curly Bob

Curly bobs were famously worn by Tracee Ellis Ross and Sarah Jessica Parker in the '90s. This style celebrates natural texture and structure, offering a sophisticated yet carefree look. 

The Flippy Bob

Flippy bobs, with their bold, outward-flared ends, date back to the '50s but had a notable resurgence in the '90s thanks to Drew Barrymore.

The Posh Bob

Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, popularized the sleek, center-parted bob in the '90s. This polished style is characterized by its smooth finish and slight curl under at the ends.

The Rachel Bob

"The Rachel," made famous by Jennifer Aniston on "Friends," is an ultra-layered bob that became a hairstyle phenomenon in the '90s.

The Supermodel Bob

The supermodel bob, worn by Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell, is known for its volume and movement.