9 Beautiful Wedding Updos For Brides With Long Hair In 2024

Braid your hair simply and enhance it with flowers matching your outfit for a charming and captivating bridal hairstyle.

Simple Embellished Braid

Style your hair like a waterfall by braiding from both sides and pinning in the middle, letting the rest of your hair flow freely for a graceful appearance.

Waterfall Braid

Braid your long hair in the South Indian style with jewelry and flower decorations for a regal and cultural bridal hairstyle.

The South Indian Style Braid

Weave a five-strand braid and embellish it with pearls, suitable for pairing with a sari or half sari for a chic and traditional look.

Five Strand Braid

Create a braid around the head near the temple, just above the forehead, and decorate with flowers for a perfect pre-wedding event look.

Braid Around

Make a hairband-like braid around the head and push it back, tying the remaining hair into a bun or another braid for a unique style.

Braid to The Fore

Try a side fish braid for the reception or mehendi, complemented with a mang tikka, to make a stylish statement for the wedding day.

Side Fish Braid

Combine side strands, top braid, and another side braid into one and roll into a bun, enhancing the intricate detailing with flowers or jewels for a versatile bridal hairstyle.

Braided Bun

French braid from one side, leaving the rest of the hair open, and do a deep middle part to create a delicate and elegant style perfect for the wedding day.

Side French Braid