9 Most Dangerous States in the US

New Mexico faces elevated rates of violent and property crimes, attributed to high population density and low income levels, exacerbated by significant drug-related activities.

New Mexico:

Assault and bullying cases are notably high in Arkansas, with cities like Helena, West Memphis, and Little Rock identified as particularly dangerous due to rising violent crime statistics.


Louisiana experiences elevated violent and property crime rates, especially in cities such as Shreveport, Monroe, and New Orleans, surpassing national averages significantly.


Colorado has seen a worrying increase in combined violent and property crimes, potentially linked to rising homelessness and increased gun sales in recent years.


Despite a decline in recent years, California still contends with high crime rates, notably in cities like Oakland, San Bernardino, and Stockton, influenced by income inequality.


Tennessee faces high rates of property crime, with burglary being prevalent, alongside ongoing issues of violent crime in cities like Memphis and Chattanooga.


Missouri struggles with elevated burglary and homicide rates, particularly in urban centers such as St. Louis and Kansas City, compounded by significant gang-related activities.


South Carolina grapples with high rates of hate crimes alongside elevated property and violent crime statistics, impacting counties like Richland and Dillon.

South Carolina:

Nevada contends with high rates of homicide, assault, and property crimes, with Las Vegas noted as a particularly unsafe city, influenced by relaxed gun laws and nightlife-related offenses.