9 Nail Trends That Nail Professionals Say Will Be Huge In 2024

3D Nail Art

Nail art inventiveness never disappoints, particularly 3D nail art. When a French tip or nail art just isn't enough, 3D nails are a fun way to add dimension to your manicure, explains Bellacures nail specialist Rianna Basurto.

Metallic Nails With a Twist

Metallic nails continue popular in 2024, now with subtle elements that enhance designs. Think multi-dimensional cat eye metallic nails, mixed and matched metals, dazzling chrome nails, and simpler metallic accent designs.

Lip Gloss Nails

Ultra simple manicures are in for 2024, from coffee to bubble bath. This manicure style is exemplified by lip gloss nails, which are transparent glossy lacquer over natural nails.

Ombre Nails

Nails pro Eunice Park of Aprés Nail says minimalist nails would remain fashionable until 2024. Everyone is still very much enjoying clean lines and clean makeup, and to complement these looks people are looking at simplistic.

Coquette Mani

Let your feminine side shine with a 2024 Coquette mani, inspired by balletcore and Barbiecore. Pale pinks, milky whites, and bows and pearls define this girly style.

70s Aura Nails

On the other hand, funky aura nails radiate good vibes only . Chillhouse nail designer Molly Romah says this design involves stacking colors to produce an aura-like look "where one color evolves into the others.

Soft Peach Nails

This year's Pantone color of the year is peach fuzz, which will be on people's fingers. It also matches the current pastel nail and minimalist mani trends. Peach fuzz is a cheerful hue that doesn't overdo it.

Skinny French Tips

French Tips were unpopular for a little time, but that was over. We've witnessed a French Tip renaissance in recent years, and it's not going away in 2024. Romah says French tips are always classic manicure style.

90s Grunge Nails

Grunge manicures from the 90s are making a comeback in 2024 if all these pale hues are making you miss your melancholy mani. Use your darkest black, green, purple, and red paints.