9 Stylish & Low-Maintenance Long Haircuts for Ladies with Long Hair

Ashy Blonde Long Straight Hair:

Achieving this classic style requires maintaining bright blondes with bond builders like Olaplex and using recommended aftercare products to keep the hair healthy and vibrant.

Long, Shiny Brunette Hair with a Middle Part:

This timeless haircut stands out with its rich color, emphasizing the importance of keeping the brunette shade fresh for a striking appearance.

Vintage Shag for Long Hair:

Ideal for low maintenance, the vintage shag complements long hair textures with its blend of classic shag elements and modern thick bangs, suitable for all face shapes.

Center-Parted Long Light Brunette Hair:

Effortless and timeless, a center part on long hair styled in waves adds depth and definition while maintaining a natural appearance with minimal upkeep.

Long Hush Cut with Face-Framing Bangs:

Popular among women, this long, layered haircut with face-framing bangs offers a breezy and feminine look, balancing softness with subtle boldness.

Easy Long Dark Brunette Straight Haircut:

Perfect for minimal upkeep, this haircut features mid-length to longer shapes with layers for movement, complemented by an all-over gloss color close to the natural shade for healthy shine.

Long Low-Maintenance Layered Hair with a Blowout:

Layered with a blowout, this style highlights personal texture and style, requiring patience to master at-home blowouts for a voluminous look.

Long Curtain Fringe on Brown Hair:

Enhancing the overall style with a natural and soft appearance, the curtain fringe on long brown hair frames the face beautifully, offering versatility in styling from straight to beach waves.

Long Internal Layers and Texture:

Adding texture with long internal layers, this low-maintenance chop prevents hair from becoming bulky while promoting a stylish appearance at any stage of growth.