Best USA Cities to Visit in Fall

Resort communities surrounding Denver have early leaf color, but Denver's takes center stage in October. The Cherry Creek Regional Trail and High Line Canal, bordered with bright yellow cottonwoods, provide good views.

Denver, Colorado

Nashville's greatest events celebrate excellent music and the outdoors. Music City lives up to its reputation in the autumn with events like Americanafest, a multi-venue celebration of America's musical diversity, and September Sundown.

Nashville, Tennessee

Bicycle around Portland or ascend Bradbury Mountain in Pownal to witness the greatest foliage. In this seafood-loving city, exercising during the changing leaves is an easy way to justify all the excellent eating.

Portland, Maine

Autumn in NYC. Song: "Why does it seem so inviting?" Central Park's pastoral splendor may be one cause. Visit the Ramble south of Belvedere Castle and walk through the red-leafed black tupelo meadow.

New York, New York

This seaside town, known as the American Riviera, has a dynamic summer season like its French counterpart. Fall brings lower hotel pricing, with the lowest rates in September. Fall weather is usually better than summer.

Santa Barbara, California

This Kentucky community produces one third of the world's bourbon, which inhabitants celebrate during National Bourbon Heritage Month in September. On Louisville's Urban Bourbon Trail, you can revel all autumn.

Louisville, Kentucky

Autumn in Salt Lake City offers reduced costs, less tourists, and colorful foliage along Big or Little Cottonwood valleys. In September, the Utah State Fair is held northwest of downtown and features a rodeo.

Salt Lake City, Utah