California s Largest Natural Lake Swells After Atmospheric Rivers

Lake Elsinore, Southern California's largest natural lake, has reached a significant milestone as it swells with water following a series of atmospheric rivers battering the state.

Currently, the lake stands at an elevation of 1248.13 feet, marking its highest level since 2011, as per data from the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District.

Situated in western Riverside County, Lake Elsinore covers approximately 3,000 acres and serves as the terminus of the San Jacinto River Watershed. Its shoreline extends for about 14 miles.

Primarily fed by snowmelt from the surrounding mountains, the lake's replenishment has been bolstered by recent heavy rainfall attributed to atmospheric rivers.

Like many bodies of water in California, Lake Elsinore has endured the effects of prolonged drought, receiving insufficient water in recent years.

Increased precipitation, including heavy snowfall in the Sierra Nevada, has augmented snowpack levels, ensuring a promising supply of water for the state's reservoirs and rivers as the snow melts.

With water levels nearing capacity, officials may need to divert excess water into the Santa Ana River to mitigate the risk of flooding in surrounding areas.

Additionally, the rise in water levels is expected to attract more visitors during the summer months, enhancing recreational activities such as boating and swimming.