Miranda Derrick Speaks Out Against Netflix's 'Dancing For The Devil' Documentary

Miranda Derrick, a prominent TikTok dancer featured in Netflix's "Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult," has finally addressed allegations surrounding her involvement in a supposed cult led by Robert Shinn, owner of 7M Films talent management and the Shekinah Church.

Derrick, formerly known as Miranda Wilking, is a dancer and influencer associated with 7M Films, where she creates content. Her family, including sister Melanie with whom she collaborated on dance content.

The Wilking family's concerns gained public attention when they shared an Instagram video speculating about 7M being a cult and Miranda's potential manipulation. The documentary also features interviews with former dancers from 7M Films seeking justice against Shinn.

Following the debut of the documentary, Derrick released a video and written statement disputing her family's claims, describing the Netflix series as "a one-sided story."

Derrick's response came almost a week after the documentary's release, where she denied the allegations and expressed gratitude for the support she received during the ordeal.

Due to pending litigation, Derrick refrained from commenting on specific allegations but emphasized her stance against abuse.

While Derrick acknowledged her family's love and stated they would always be part of her life, she indicated a lack of alignment in their perspectives at present.

Derrick addressed specific incidents highlighted in the documentary, including missing her grandfather's funeral, citing harassment and feeling threatened by her family as reasons for her absence.

Despite allegations suggesting she is still closely associated with Shinn, Derrick asserted her independence, stating she is not a victim, not in harm's way, and not being abused.