Pickle It: 7 Fermentation Recipes for Gut Health


The product includes both fiber and probiotics. Choose chilled types if you want to increase the amount of probiotics in your diet.


Known for anticancer properties and supporting heart health. Look for it in the refrigerated section near pickles and sauerkraut.


Rich in calcium and probiotics, aids digestion and supports immunity. Enjoy it in smoothies or as a drinkable yogurt alternative.


It offers antioxidants as well as microorganisms that are useful. Play around with a variety of tastes until you discover the one that you like most.


Adds umami flavor and linked to longevity. Use sparingly due to high sodium content; ideal for soups, dressings, and marinades.


A complete source of vegetarian protein, supports gut health and more. Try it as a meat substitute in various dishes for its nutty flavor and firm texture.


Contains live probiotic cultures that aid in lactose digestion. Look for varieties with the "Live & Active Cultures" seal; dairy-free options are available.