Retirement Healthcare Woes: 7 States Making It Even More Unaffordable


High healthcare costs combined with a large senior population strain retirement savings. The state's diverse healthcare market complicates access and affordability.


Healthcare costs are rising faster than national averages, impacting retirees relying on fixed incomes. Medicaid eligibility challenges add complexity.

New York

Urban centers like New York City face high medical expenses and insurance premiums, especially impacting retirees in need of specialized care.


Healthcare access in rural areas is limited, affecting retirees who may need to travel for medical services, adding to expenses.


Retirement communities face rising costs due to increasing demand for healthcare services among retirees relocating to the state.


Rural healthcare deserts and an aging population strain local resources, impacting healthcare affordability for retirees in smaller communities.


Medicaid expansion challenges and rising prescription drug costs contribute to healthcare affordability issues among retirees.