Spring Cookies to Celebrate Warmer Days

Rosemary-Lemon Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

These elegant shortbread sandwich cookies usually brighten our ladies Christmas tea luncheon. Our group has loved these for years because of the rosemary taste and lemon curd!

Berry-Cream Cookie Snaps

My mom and I combined two other recipes to make this one. The outside of these cute cookies is crunchy, and the inside is light and soft. You could also bake the cookies flat and use the filling to dip them in if you wanted to.

Rhubarb-Filled Cookies

These soft cookies won me a blue prize at the county show where I live. The ruby-red filling that shows through the dough makes them look so pretty. Make these unique cookies and see how happy people get.

Cream Cheese Dainties

These scrumptious delights have a creamy quality, which enables them to melt in your tongue the instant you take a mouthful of them instead of sticking to your teeth.

White Velvet Cutouts

We make and decorate these cutouts for different holidays and give lots of them as gifts. Last year, we baked a batch a week before Christmas to be sure we d have plenty to give and plenty for ourselves, too.

Pistachio Cookies

With this fantastic pistachio cookie recipe, you will have a lot of fun making them, and everyone will be astonished by how gorgeous the green coloring is. For the holidays, these are among my most cherished cookies.

Carrot Cake Shortbread

The taste of carrot cake makes me want to make a cookie with the same taste. These cookies are just what you need to feel better. With cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla, they taste like the holidays.