The 7 Best Cities to Travel Solo in Europe

1. Budapest

Although Budapest has built a reputation over the past decade as a must-visit city in Europe, the capital of Hungary remains one of the cheapest capital cities to visit in Europe, making it a great destination for solo travellers on a budget.

2. Vienna

When I went to Vienna by myself for the first time five years ago, I had no idea how big the city would be. Vienna is grand and imperial, and it has a lot of history, art, cafes, and museums. There's lots to do here, so you won't get bored!

3. Prague

Prague is still one of the must-see towns for solitary European travelers, despite its rising popularity and expense. Travelers pass through the city, so you'll make plenty of new acquaintances, making it a terrific place to escape day and night!

4. Ljubljana

Ljubljana is one of Europe's most undervalued capital towns and a perfect base for exploring Slovenia alone. Slovenia and its capital city are ideal for active solitary travelers due to their natural beauty.

5. Amsterdam

Amsterdam, one of the first towns I visited alone on my year of experiences, is one of the most gorgeous, bizarre cities to visit, especially in winter (without the crowds). As a popular destination for young travelers, you'll likely encounter,

6. London

London is one of the best destinations to explore alone due to its limitless activities. After seeing Central London (Big Ben, Westminster, St. Paul's, etc.), explore other grungy, old-school neighborhoods. Starting in Shoreditch is ideal!

7. Berlin

This list would certainly not be complete without mention of my old stomping grounds: Berlin. This city is brimming with fabulous nightlife, cheap eats, and plenty of expats from all corners of the globe.