The 8 Cutest Pixie Bob Haircut Ideas Ever

Tousled Pixie Bob Cut:

A messy pixie bob with long sides for a soft, feminine touch. Ideal for those seeking a short yet stylish look.

Short Chic Pixie Bob Cut with a Sweeping Fringe:

Chic and ideal for round face shapes, this pixie bob includes a sweeping fringe. Texturized using methods like razor cutting or texture shears for a soft, movable style.

Champagne Blonde Pixie Bob Cut:

Perfect for short hair enthusiasts looking to maintain length with chicness. Blonde hue adds glamour, while choppy layers create volume.

Very Dark Pixie Bob with Visible Layers:

A bold choice for low-maintenance styling, featuring visible layers on very dark hair. Allows for versatile styling options while adding depth and texture.

Visibly Layered Pixie Bob Style with Highlights:

Combines the length of a bob with the volume of a pixie cut. Ideal for various face shapes, customizable with highlights. Requires regular trimming to maintain shape and weight distribution.

Short Chocolate Pixie Bob with Choppy Layers:

Cool and compliment-worthy, this style features choppy layers on a chocolate pixie bob. Style with a blow dryer and round brush for a fluffy finish, enhanced with a shiny product.

Messy Dark Copper Pixie Bob with Layers and a Tapered Nape:

Perfect for busy lifestyles, this style frames the face with layers and a tapered nape. Achieve texture with a round brush or flat iron and maintain layers with light hairspray.

Auburn Bixie with Long Layers:

Offers fullness and versatility with long front layers and a short back. Maintain this chic, skin-tight style with regular appointments every 3-4 weeks.