The 8 Prettiest Hairstyles for Oval Faces

LONG HAIR: Tousled Waves

Achieve a carefree, beach-ready look with tousled waves that add volume and texture to long hair. This style is perfect for oval faces as it softens features and creates a relaxed, effortless appearance suitable for casual and formal settings alike.

LONG HAIR: Classic Layers

Timeless and versatile, classic layers in long hair enhance movement and dimension, providing a flattering frame for oval faces. Layers can be customized to accentuate the face shape while adding volume and reducing heaviness, making it an ideal choice

LONG HAIR: Straight and Sleek

Opt for a sleek and polished appearance with straight long hair that highlights the natural symmetry of an oval face. This minimalist style draws attention to facial features and complements various outfits and occasions with its elegant simplicity.


The modern shag haircut is characterized by its choppy layers and textured ends, making it a trendy choice for oval faces seeking a contemporary look. This style adds volume and movement while maintaining a carefree and stylish vibe


A wavy lob (long bob) combines sophistication with relaxed charm, making it a flattering option for oval faces. This hairstyle frames the face with soft waves, enhancing facial symmetry and offering versatility in styling from casual to formal settings.

SHORT HAIR: Shoulder-Grazing Bob

The shoulder-grazing bob is a chic and manageable short hairstyle that flatters oval faces by accentuating the neck and jawline. It provides a modern silhouette with its clean lines and can be styled straight or with subtle waves for added texture and movement.

SHORT HAIR: Tousled Pixie

Embrace a bold and playful look with a tousled pixie cut that adds texture and volume around the face. This hairstyle highlights cheekbones and eyes while showcasing the natural contours of an oval face, making it a statement-making choice

SHORT HAIR: Simple Pixie

The simple pixie cut offers effortless elegance and showcases the balanced features of oval faces with its clean lines and short length. This classic hairstyle requires minimal styling yet exudes confidence and sophistication, making it a timeless option