The 9 New Tarantula Species Found in United States

Desert Tarantula

Desert tarantulas live in underground burrows lined with silk webbing to prevent collapse, found in southwestern USA and Mexico, with a lifespan up to 20 years and non-toxic venom.

Oklahoma Brown Tarantula

Also known as Texas or Missouri tarantula, it inhabits burrows under rocks and logs across states like Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas, feeding on insects like grasshoppers.

Grand Canyon Black Tarantula

Found in deserts and sagebrush, known for its black body and non-aggressive nature, reaching sizes over 5 inches in New Mexico.

Eurypelma californicum

This tarantula found in California, Arizona, and Texas has a dark body, sluggish movement, and can live up to 30 years without posing a threat to humans.

Peloncillo Tarantula

Medium-sized and secretive, found in Peloncillo Mountains, New Mexico, with breeding season from July to August and varying body colors.

Chiricahuan Gray Tarantula

Thriving in the Chihuahuan desert, this species creates homes in rodent burrows or under rocks, reaching up to 5 ½ inches with a lifespan of 40 years.

Aphonopelma iodius

Living in desert regions of California, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada, these tarantulas secure their burrows with dirt or webs, featuring bodies measuring 3 to 5 inches.

Aphonopelma parvum

A smaller species in the Chihuahuan Desert, New Mexico, with males black and females brown, known for their burrowing habits in crevices or under rocks.

Tucson Bronze Tarantula

Common in New Mexico, these tarantulas are docile, reaching sizes up to 3 inches, with males darker than females and distinctive reddish-orange abdominal hairs.