The 9 Short Hairstyles for Your Beauty Mood Board

Buzz Cut

Better than ever, the buzz cut is making a comeback. It is not only incredibly little maintenance, but it's also an excellent method of resetting broken strands.

Small and Strong Afro

Lupita Nyong'o is a hair diva who frequently changes up her look. Here, she exudes simplicity and elegance in a wash-and-go look that accentuates her best attributes.

Super Short Pixie

An excellent cut for someone who doesn't want to style their hair at all is a very short pixie cut.It gives off the ideal, carefree bedhead appearance and is quite easy to style.

Short Pixie

For individuals seeking a dramatic transformation with no style effort, a short pixie cut is ideal. It's excellent for bringing attention to a person's bone structure at all times, particularly if your face is broader.

The Basic Pixie

Since every hair is cut to a uniform length of 1-2 inches and shaped in the direction of hair development, the basic pixie cut is essentially the easiest to style of all.

Textured Pixie Cut

A curly or wavy textured pixie cut is a terrific haircut that looks amazing with little to no grooming. It embraces your natural texture. For more height, you may wear it slicked back or use a volumizing product and blow dry it.

The Surfer Crop/Undercut

The undercut, whether worn professionally or casually, is just a very short haircut (sometimes buzzed!) on the back and sides with a few inches of length on top.It's seductive, edgy, and incredibly self-assured.

Curly Coif

Who says folks with curly hair can't pull off shorter hairstyles? Consider actress Julia Garner, the epitome of the short, curly-haired style icon. Apply a curl cream to damp hair, then let it air dry or diffuse it for a carefree.


If your hair is really straight, this is a simple style to achieve.To make my customers' bobs more blunt and to provide more volume and fullness around the front of the face, I adore adding a row of hand-tied Covet & Mane extensions.