The Best Hot Dogs In Every State

Renowned for its secret chili sauce enjoyed by presidents, musicians, authors, movie stars, and every Alabama governor since 1917.


Located in a renovated school bus, offering unique hot dog creations like 'Merican with bacon and cheese, and the Pedro with pinto beans and sriracha mayo.


Known for their award-winning Sonoran hot dog served with a secret jalapeno sauce and grilled peppers in a specially made bun.


A combination bar and dog park offering hot dogs like The Schnauzer topped with sauerkraut and spicy mustard, alongside craft brews and dog snacks.


Family-run since 1946, known for simple yet popular hot dog recipes across three locations.


Famous for exotic sausages like ostrich and wild boar, with toppings ranging from bacon-onion marmalade to tomatillo salsa.


Features steamed franks with toppings like homemade hot pepper relish, often accompanied by live hot dog-inspired tunes.


Started in 1935, known for their closely guarded Deerhead Secret Sauce, still a favorite among locals.


Offers unique hot dog creations like the Atomic Veggie and the Wake-N-Bake, set amidst '80s and '90s nostalgia decor.