The Best Seafood Restaurant in Every State


We love this little piece of Cajun heaven in Silverhill, Alabama! Delicious, authentic Creole food...gumbo, jambalaya, etouffe, fried shrimp and crawfish, and more.


Can't describe the freshness and amazing taste of the king crab. 12 ounces of meat in one leg! Also had the crab bisque, which was super tasty, and the beer flight.


This place is authentic and has the atmosphere of friendly, inviting and AWESOME.


What a hidden gem in Arkansas! Amazing food, outstanding service and terrific atmosphere. If you are looking for a unique dining experience, this is the place for you.


My kids like their tuna dill and my husband loved their espresso and ceviche. It was an amazing experience. I loved the vintage '80s view and the music selection to match the setting.


Everything from the fish to the absolutely tantalizing veggie samosas — the lamb, the rice, the service and the amazing chai tea — was just exceptional.


I don't even want to say how good the food is here because I don't want it to get busier! Casual food, casual atmosphere. Paper plates, no dessert but the best rolls around.