The Top 9 Most Dangerous Animals of North America


Everyone is acquainted with humanity's best friend. The simple truth is that your adorable, fuzzy companion is actually risky for a number of reasons. 


Another unexpected entry is that of deer. Yes, beautiful, placid Bambi is actually one of the most prolific killers in the United States. Deer represent a greater menace to rural commuters than most people realize. 

Horses, Cows, and Other Farm Animals

Yes, you read correctly. Farm livestock are one of the most harmful types of animals in the United States. Cattle and horses, however, have a dangerous reputation among those in the know. 

Hornets, Bees, Wasp

Most people regard flying insects of this type to be nothing more than a nuisance. However, for many humans, these insects represent potential sources of death and ruin. Hornets, wasps, and bees are unquestionably the deadliest creatures in the country.

Black Widow and Recluse Spiders

There are more than 3,000 spider species in the United States alone. Only three of the amazing number of spiders are known to be poisonous. The Recluse Spider, the Hobo Spider, and the notorious Black Widow. 

Venomous Snakes

The United States currently has up to 20 species of venomous snakes, 16 of which are members of the rattlesnake family. The other four species are coral, cottonmouth, and copperhead. 

Mountain Lions, Cougars, and Pumas

These massive cats, sometimes known as mountain lions, cougars, or pumas, used to live in all 50 states. Due to hunting and human expansion, they are only present in 14 western states and Florida. 


The United States is home to three types of bears: black, grizzly, and polar. The least hazardous of the three is the black bear. Black bears aren't aggressive if you keep your distance and remain firm. 


Shark attacks are extremely infrequent, despite their appearance as the villain in far too many schlocky Hollywood films. On average, the United States has only 16 shark attacks each year, with one death every two years.