These 9 Used Cars Just Got Way Cheaper

Tesla Model 3:

The Tesla Model 3's average price for a 3-year-old model is now $32,861, with a 28.9% price drop, making it an attractive option at just over $30,000.

BMW i3:

With an average price of $27,748 and an 18.1% drop, the BMW i3 offers a glimpse into the value of older EVs, sometimes available for under $15,000.

Chevrolet Blazer:

The Chevrolet Blazer s value has decreased by 16.6% to an average of $29,062, just as a new electric model arrives on the market.

BMW 2-Series:

Priced at $30,689 on average, the BMW 2-Series has seen a 15.8% drop, offering an agile and enjoyable driving experience at a lower cost.

Volvo S60:

The Volvo S60, with its 14.4% price drop, is now available for $29,507 on average, although the V60 wagon is often preferred for its versatility.

Audi A5 Sportback:

The Audi A5 Sportback s price fell by 12.3% over the past year, bringing the average cost of a 3-year-old model to $32,230, combining sporty design with luxury.

Volvo XC40:

The Volvo XC40's price decreased by 11.7%, averaging $31,302, making it a standout choice among small luxury SUVs.

Genesis G70:

The Genesis G70, now averaging $30,689, has seen a 10.9% price drop, offering great value as a stylish and performance-oriented sedan.

Nissan Armada:

With a 10.8% price drop, the Nissan Armada is priced at $32,268, offering robust towing capacity and ample seating, especially attractive after the discontinuation of the Toyota Land Cruiser in the U.S.