Top 10 dangers associated with the Fourth of July

Fireworks injuries: Traumatic blast injuries and burns are common due to improper handling of fireworks.

Motor vehicle accidents: Increased incidents involving cars and scooters, often influenced by alcohol consumption.

Heat stroke: High temperatures contribute to heat-related illnesses, particularly during outdoor activities.

Drowning: Accidents in pools, lakes, or beaches escalate, especially when combined with alcohol use.

Electric scooter accidents: Often involving intoxicated riders, leading to severe injuries like traumatic brain injury.

 Knife cuts: Minor injuries from food preparation accidents with sharp utensils.

Alcohol-related poor decisions: Influence risky behaviors contributing to accidents.

Gun-related violence: Increase in incidents, particularly on Independence Day.

Face and body trauma: Resulting from mishandling fireworks or other risky behaviors.

Peripheral extremity injuries: Such as fractures from various accidents during the holiday celebrations.