Top 10 Travel Destinations For Solo Backpackers

1. Iceland

The ‘land of fire and ice’ attracts nature lovers and single travelers. Since this Nordic island has an unmatched scenery, tunnels, caverns, black-sand beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes, and geysers should keep you busy.

2. East Coast Australia

Australia is huge. Mahoosive. Ginormous. While that can sound overwhelming, especially for lone travelers, most of the activity is on the East Coast.

3. Botswana

National parks cover about 40% of the country, providing plenty of species to see. The Okavango Delta, Kalahari Desert, and Chobe National Park are famous safari destinations for giraffes and rhinoceros.

4. Canada

Canada is commonly mentioned for solitary travel. The country offers everything you desire and is known for its kindness. Incredible off-the-grid adventures like touring the Rockies, Niagara Falls, and Banff National Park await adventurous travelers.

5. Vietnam

Vietnam's distinctive beauty and complex history attract solo travelers. Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, the country has a vibrant social scene.

6. Portugal

Portugal's top destinations get travel prizes and praise for good reason. Lisbon is a backpacker's paradise, while Porto's surreal beauty draws international travelers.

7. Chile

Chile has the lowest crime rate and best quality of life in South America. Its close-knit backpacker culture and plethora of sites make it ideal for solo travelers.

8. Slovenia

Small yet wonderful, Slovenia is a great single travel location. You may ski in the Alps in the morning and then enjoy a beautiful sunset on the Adriatic in Piran, living up to the ‘four seasons in a day’ cliche.

9. New Zealand

Simply put, New Zealand does things right. The country takes its status as one of the safest in the world seriously, so travelers may explore safely.

10. Ireland

The works of Joyce, Stoker, Wilde, and others immortalize Irish narrative. Locals tell stories that take listeners to a world inside a world one pint at a time in any Dublin bar.