TOP 9 BEST Coffee Ocean View in Seattle, WA

Located in Capitol Hill, Seattle's best coffee shop known for house-roasted beans and smooth ristretto pulls. Offers a sophisticated coffee experience with a rich flavor profile.

Espresso Vivace

A Chinese and German-influenced cafe in Ballard. Known for lattes with velvet-like texture and unique flavors like salty licorice caramel. Cozy ambiance with plenty of natural light and occasional outdoor seating.


A Fremont staple with a rickety house and iconic wraparound porch. Famous for phenomenal coffee and curated syrup combinations like strawberry shortbread and raspberry cheesecake. Features fun foam art and a communal atmosphere.

Fremont Coffee Company

Located in West Seattle, this spacious house-like cafe offers antique furniture, a living room area, and a backyard garden. Serves Lighthouse Roasters espresso and Macrina pastries, creating a cozy community vibe.

C&P Coffee Company

In Capitol Hill, known for precision coffee-making techniques and unique drinks like smoked grapefruit rosemary syrup espresso. Features a compact space with a focus on quality and creativity in coffee blends.

Ghost Note Coffee

Primarily a plant store in Ballard with a hidden espresso counter. Offers seasonal specials like honey lavender lattes and orange vanilla bean shaken espressos. Minimalist-chic ambiance among cacti and ferns.


Located in Queen Anne, adjacent to the Space Needle. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and association with KEXP radio. Offers a variety of coffee drinks and a unique coffee shop experience.

Caffè Vita @ KEXP

Hidden in Pioneer Square, shared space with a bike shop. Known for great Anchorhead coffee and a cozy atmosphere perfect for quick lattes or moody winter mornings.

Heard Coffee

In Fremont, known for strong Vietnamese coffee and luxury interior design. Offers unique flavors like salty foam and housemade coconut ice cream in drinks.

Aroom Coffee